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Note: The percents and stats below do not include games where Mecha Naruto existed in.

Rock Lee 36.64%
Matches Played: 20804 (0.9%)

Fifth Gate Opening
This skill now deals 50 damage to Lee, down 10, from 60

Young Kakashi 58.23%
Matches Played: 111618 (4.8%) )

Amateur Raikiri
This skill now deals 20 damage, down 5, from 25

Implanted Sharingan
For 2 turns, if one enemy uses a skill that removes/steals chakra, Kakashi will gain 1 random chakra; if they use a skill that stuns, Kakashi's skills will stun for 1 turn; if they use a skill that damages, Kakashi will deal additional 10 damage for 1 turn. This skill is invisible. Ends when triggered.
1 Cooldown

Nohara Rin 39.67%
Matches Played: 12852 (0.55%)

Rin Mystical Palm Healing
This skill can now be used on Rin

Mitarashi Anko 57.92%
Matches Played: 50883 (2.19%)

Dragon Fire
Anko scorches the battlefield with fire, dealing 10 affliction damage to all enemies for 2 turns. The following 2 turns, those enemies will also receive an additional 5 damage from all other damage that Anko deals.

Sai 50.43%
Matches Played: 23440 (1.01%)

Super Beast Imitating Drawing: Lions
This skill now grants 20 destructible defense, up 5, from 15

Super Beast Imitating Drawing: Snake
Sai creates a snake made of ink to trap one enemy, stunning their physical and chakra skills for 1 turn. During this time, that enemy will be unable to reduce damage or become invulnerable. This skill ignores invulnerability. During 'Adaptive Painting', this skill will be replaced.
This is just a text update, no actual balance on this skill

Adaptive Painting
For 3 turns, any ally that is stunned will become invulnerable for 1 turn; any ally that has chakra removed/stolen will gain 1 random chakra; any ally that receives successful new non-affliction damage by an enemy will increase Sai's damage by 10 for 1 turn.

Rock Lee (S) 39.11%
Matches Played: 4510 (0.19%)

Maximum Force Blast
This skill will now cost 2 random, instead of 1 Tai, 2 random

Yamanaka Fu 59.7%
Matches Played: 135397 (5.83%)

Tanto Slash
This skill will deal 15 additional damage to the target of Mind Puppet Switch, down 10, from 25

Quickened Mind Body Switch
This skill will now increase the damage of Tanto Slash by 15, down 10, from 25
This skill now has a cooldown of 2, up 1, from 1

Mind Puppet Switch
Fixed a glitch where this skill did not show up properly when it ended.

Hyuuga Hiashi 57.33%
Matches Played: 73660 (3.17%)

Master Gentle Fist
This skill now deals 25 damage, up 5, from 20
This skill now has a cooldown of 2, up 1, from 1

Uzuki Yugao 39.74%
Matches Played: 3168 (0.14%)

Moon Haze
This skill now costs 1 Tai, instead of 1 Gen

Uchiha Shisui 38.52%
Matches Played: 5652 (0.24%)

Shisui: Susanoo
This skill will now grant 45 destructible defense, up 5, from 40

Body Flicker
For 2 turns, if a new harmful skill is used on Shisui, he will become invulnerable to all other skills for the rest of that turn and will deal 15 damage to the enemy that used the harmful skill. This skill is invisible.
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